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WinaXe Plus SSH X-Server for Windows

WinaXe Plus SSH X-Server for Windows

SSH X-Server for Windows, Secure way to run Linux and Unix on Windows Desktop. WinaXe Plus is the pre-eminent X Windows environment for the Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT and XP platforms. It enables easy access to different operating systems. It transparently connects different operating ...

Shareware  17,997k 1761 LabF
Axessh Windows SSH Client and SSH Server

Axessh Windows SSH Client and SSH Server

Axessh is a Windows SSH client. It is a superb terminal emulator/telnet client for Windows. It provides SSH capabilities to Axessh without sacrificing any of existing functionality. Furthermore, Axessh has been developed entirely outside of the USA, and can be sold anywhere in the world ...

Shareware  3,060k 1868 LabF
SSH client for windows SSHPro

SSH client for windows SSHPro

SSHPro - ssh client for windows (Secure Shell). Program for logging into a remote host (with an installed SSH server (sshd))and for executing commands in a remote machine. It replaces telnet, rlogin and rsh, while providing a securely encrypted communication between two untrusted hosts over ...

Shareware  3,036k 1487 Labtam Inc
Private Shell SSH Client

Private Shell SSH Client

Private Shell is an easy to configure SSH client for Windows. Autoconfiguration wizard helps you to setup basic and advanced SSH sessions. Even if you are not familiar with SSH, you can easily establish connections that use public key authentication and provide ssh tunneling for ...

Shareware  2,429k 1682 TB Labs LLC
SSH Tunnel

SSH Tunnel

SSH Tunnel is a powerful encryption and tunneling program that supports SSH1 and SSH2. It has a very flexible port forward system that allows for the assignment of any local addresses (including changing ones like DHCP assigned) as well as remote port forwarding (given your ...

Freeware  3,095k 1184 rs4u software design

SSH Explorer SSH Client

SSH Explorer is a new generation SSH/Telnet client and terminal emulator that makes remote Linux server administration look like much more fun than it actually is. File View panel lets you navigate through and operate with remote directories and files as effortlessly as if they ...

Shareware  1,856k 1801 Hidden Bits Software
SSH Tunnel Client

SSH Tunnel Client

SSH Tunnel Client allows to connect to different SSH-Servers. With the SSH Tunnel Client it is possible to connect each TCP/IP Service over a secure SSH-Tunnel. Supports local and remote forwarding with SSH1 and SSH2.

Freeware  3,418k 1439 delight software GmbH
Mocha W32 Telnet/SSH

Mocha W32 Telnet/SSH

Mocha W32 Telnet is a Windows 98/2000/NT/XP application. It makes it possible to connect to a host via TCP/IP with the Telnet or SSH1/2 protocol and emulate a VT220 terminal. Mocha W32 Telnet Features: Supports VT100/VT220 emulation Small and fast. The package is only 204 ...

Shareware  717k 1941 MochaSoft Aps
AbsoluteTelnet Telnet / SSH Client

AbsoluteTelnet Telnet / SSH Client

AbsoluteTelnet provides Telnet, SSH, SSH2, dialup, and serial connectivity in the new tabbed multi-session interface or the classic single-session interface. A wide range of emulations are provided, including VT100, VT220, VT320, XTERM, WYSE60, ANSI, SCO-ANSI, ANSI-BBS, and QNX. Packed with options such as SOCKS5, IPV6, ...

Shareware  1,508k 1598 Celestial Software
KpyM Telnet/SSH Server

KpyM Telnet/SSH Server

KpyM Telnet/SSH Server (KTS) is a free telnet/ssh server for Windows. KTS runs as a service and provides access to the host computer via the telnet or SSH protocol. Supports character graphics (applications like and colours and uses Windows identification mechanism.

Freeware  1,373k 1299 Kroum Grigorov
Telnet SSH ActiveX Component

Telnet SSH ActiveX Component

Telnet, Rlogin, SSH client ActiveX control, free to try! Do you want to have telnet and SSH client connection functionality in your program? Now it is easy to implement this feature with Telnet SSH ActiveX. Support RAW, Telnet, SSH, Rlogin connection type; Standard ActiveX contrl; ...

Shareware  672k 1927 Utralshareware Software
Ssh Tunnel Easy

Ssh Tunnel Easy

Ssh Tunnel Easy is an innovative ssh tunneling software, it can make an encrypted ssh tunnel between your machine and ssh server host, then tunnel your program TCP connection automatically through this encrypted tunnel to data forwarded. It help you unblock and surf securely in ...

Shareware  2,366k 532 Networktunnel Inc
ZOC Terminal V7 (SSH Client)

ZOC Terminal V7 (SSH Client)

ZOC is a professional SSH/SSH2/telnet client and terminal emulator. An elegant user interface with tabbed sessions, thumbnail overview, typed command history, scroll back, multiple window support and a wide range of emulations make it the preferred tool for people who access Unix shell accounts from ...

Shareware  5,214k 796 EmTec Innovative Software
z/Scope SSH,VNC & RDP Client

z/Scope SSH,VNC & RDP Client

z/Scope Express VT is a light-weight, fast and secure terminal emulator, featuring an integrated tabbed multisession emulation. It runs under Windows 98/ME/NT/2K/XP platforms. z/Scope provides full support of Internet-Standard communication protocols Telnet, SSH1/SSH2, with emulation support for VT100, VT220, VT320, VT420 Hosts and file transfer ...

Shareware  10,938k 1614 Cybele Software Inc

SSH Easy Tunnel

SSH Easy Tunnel works with the SSH protocole to establish tunnel. This software needs only a SSH server to be configured on the destination network. SSH tunnels are the only VPN type than work through any kind of Local Firewall such as Wireless Firewall, etc.

Shareware  3,300k 844 ssheasytunnel com
SSH Navigator

SSH Navigator

Navigate local and remote file systems, copy, move, delete, sort, cancel transfers, edit files, and change file attributes with this easy to use client SSH/SFTP application. Stores connection information for all your favorite sites, so you just type it in once. It uses the SSH-2 ...

Shareware  500k 904 softtechdesign com

Mobile SSH

Mobile SSH gives you Telnet and SSH1/SSH2 terminal access to a wide range of network devices and applications from your wireless handheld. It supports VT100, IBM 5250, and IBM 3270 terminal emulation. With Mobile SSH, you can access network devices and important applications 24/7 from ...

Shareware    543 Idokorro Mobile, Inc.

SSH Factory

SSH Factory is a set of Java based client components for communicating with SSH and telnet servers. Including both SSH (Secure Shell) and telnet components, developers will appreciate the easy-to-use API making it possible to communicate with a remote server using just a few lines ...

Freeware  1,413k 952 JSCAPE

MEConsole - SSH/Telnet/CMD Client

MEConsole is an easy used SSH/Telnet/CMD console for windows with a lot of features. i.e multi & dividual tabs, chinese font support, enhanced windows console, lots of hotkey support.

Freeware  1,683k 1110

Putty SSH Commander

Now you can quickly, simultaneously issue SSH commands to multiple UNIX servers from Windows. Host names, IP addresses and AES encrypted/Base64 encoded passwords come from a configuration file, dynamically creating GUI labels. Great, fast, SOA tool.

Freeware  1,490k 476


nps-ssh-askpass does exactly the same job as x11-ssh-askpass. The difference is that nps-ssh-askpass does not require xmkmf, so it is easier to compile on Mac OS X and Cygwin.

Freeware  1,219k 522

pam ssh module

pam_eps enables you to authentify users against a machine with a ssh daemon running. If the user exists in the remote server and the password is correct a new user with the expecified password and username will be created in the local machine.

Freeware  292k 411


SSH-GUI is a front-end for ssh which can open multiple xterms with connections. Supports all ssh options and soon will support user-host config saving and xterm config.

Freeware  4k 689


helper tool for ssh-add on windows. inspired by x11-ssh-askpass. asks for a password and copies it to stdout.

Freeware  47k 451

FarScp - ssh/scp plugin fo FAR

FarScp is plugin for FAR file manager (Windows) allowing access to remote unix servers trough SSH protocol.

Freeware  117k 740

GNU SSH Server

GSSHD is a ssh server implementation for Linux which is released under the GNU Public Lisence. It currently supports only the blowfish ciper but has complete port fowarding features and works with most ssh clients out there.

Freeware  103k 390

KDE/Qt ssh-askpass

Helper tool for ssh-add. Inspired by gtk-led-askpass, and the remarkable lack of any KDE/Qt alternatives.

Freeware  520k 475

Kaffeine Remote - dcop over ssh

This tiny program enables you to manipulate a running kaffeine remotely by simply clicking on a button. It's using dcop over ssh. This is especially useful while watching a kaffeine broadcast on another computer. You need Java to run it.

Freeware  143k 421

SSH-Account Creator

Perlscript that creates (almost ;-) automatic SSH-Accounts from a List of users on Linux/FreeBSD/SunOS Machines.

Freeware  2k 703


A daemon used for automating ssh sessions via XML. The automation process is prompt driven and capable of handling conditional prompts as well. 100% Perl Cpan modules required. Will reduce soon Net::Server XML::Simple Net::SSH::Perl Data::Dumper::Simple

Freeware  3k 584
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